Monday 18 March 2013

Hrothgrim's failed quest and transformation

Once when I were a silly Fen, I set out on a mosey t'prove meself as a fighter.

This would be proven t'be more difficult a mosey than I had thought..

(Almost immediately after quest start.)
After a few days tryin' t'stay outta town, I had been dragged in for healin', left dead in tha woods for two moons, had all me coins stolen by spriggins, n' woken up t'find my zu walls dead n' I'm bein' chewed up by vermines and panthers.
I came to realize it was not the way t'prove meself.

Well, after quite the night o'drinkin' I found meself at Haricot's for a quick bite t'eat, when I met a Wizard by tha name o' Resetus. He said he knew I liked spicy hot sauce, n' sold me a bottle o'his finest. Bein' hungry, I didn'augh ask how he knew, bein' a wizard an' all. But then people started t'act differently t'me than was usual...

To this day he refuses t'settle the issue!

N' that's how I come t'be a bearded Dwarf, instead of a kitty.

Friday 8 March 2013

A summary to start things off...

I am long overdue on my posts, so here is a snapshot of whats to come...

  • Hrothgrim's failed quest and transformation
  • The Wanderer joins the Hrothy Family
  • Shad: A friend hits bottom
  • Jack Ironsmith: Dentirian Healer joins Hro's crew!
  • Dantalion stops eating books!
  • The bloodmage at birth meets Gloria: Marbles' amazing story
  • Rroot's Mission to the East: Orga Island
  • Captain Bubba Stubs: An offer you can't refuse
  • Exploring a new land!
  • Rub-a-dub-dub, Three men in a tub...
Keep an eye on the story as it unfolds! More posts to come!

Hrothgrim, Ranger Hopeful, Bane of the Orga.

Tuesday 10 May 2011

Testing his Axe

After the first crushing defeat, I will not be stopped! I will spend my days exploring the north of TC only stopping to rest in the fighter area, and to test out my swings!

(Hrothgrim testing on his friend Larry)

Tuesday 3 May 2011

Immediate catastrophe

Only a few minutes later in the forest, and an attempt by the wanderer to save me.

But all was not lost thanks to Trymon and Isca.


Sitting in the forest, declaring the commencement of a quest!